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2018 ESL Summer Camp


2018 ESL Summer Camp


During the year, from September through Chinese New Year,we will be reaching out to Taichung city center college students using ESL outreaches to create relationships.

It will be through these relationships,
we will recruit up to 50 students who have never had much opportunity to
speak English to participate in any of the camps.

These students will be divided into 4 groups. The ESL camp will consist of Class/small groups.
It will be held on campus.

Outside activities are spontaneous and consist of students taking foreigners to
shop, night market,museums, etc.

Date : July 2-5

Time : 09:00-17:00

Venu : 7203.7204.7208.7209

Who : Non-English Majors

Cost : $ 500 (含保險、午餐、教材等)