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  • Language Laboratory

  There are five language labs for language courses. There are about 50 to 60 seats for students in each lab. The computers are teacher-controlled. Also, the mini monitors are good for students’ learning; they may view the platform easier.

  • Self-Learning Language Lab

  In this lab, there are several for self-learning, such as Live ABC, My Access on-line writing training. We also offer some on-line tests like TOEIC and GEPT, the locally developed and officially organized test in Taiwan, to assist students get the language certificates.

  • Reading Corner

  In Reading Corner, we provide over 2000 books, magazines, and DVDs for NTIT students, staffs and faculty members. Most of them can be checked out to read and watch for enhancing language ability. Right now, the language materials are focus on English and Japanese. We’ll still expand the other languages, such as Spanish, French, and Korean and so on.

  • Muti-learning room

  There are multiple purposes for the room. The seminars the peer-tutoring, we called language clinic for learning motivation, are held here. To solve problems occurred in the classroom efficiently, the tutor system serving as part of Language Clinic enables the students to study face-on-face.

  • Learning Corners

  They provide the space for students to learn in their leisure time.


2.On-line Language Softwares

  The setting up of self-study and test softwares provides an autonomous learning environment for students to improve their language proficiency.